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Mattch.net began as personal projects blog, and was eventually used to host the development of several web tools and project resources for an aspiring entreprenuer. However, in 2014 all remaining active services were discontinued and now redirect here.


After 11 years supporting my free tools, I have discontinued the hosted management apps.

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In Memorandum:

Here are some highlights to the Mattch projects I spent so much time developing. It's said that “time flies when you are having fun.” These efforts were no exception.

Academic Notes

Why keep emailing yourself school notes? Just keep them saved in an online notepad. (Was cooler back in 2002.)

Client Login

Want to protect some data behind a client login page? Upload anything and it's done. Most popular tool.

Personal Blog

The most interesting thing about my life during this time was programming the blog itself. Go figure.

Contact Form

Basic contact form for your webpage that sends an email. Same as you see on the web today.


HTML/PDF resume builder. Allows for dynamic links and tracking -so you know which companies are interested.

Attendance Tracker

Import user list and tick off for a given event/date. I used it while volunteering for my church congregation.

Visitor Monitor

More than a site counter, this dashboard grouped visitors into day and hour. ~1/1000 of what Google Analytics does currently.

Job Scheduler

Perform random web tasks on a recurring schedule. Admittedly a fail, but I happily utilized the code other places.

Web Mail

Before Gmail ruled the world there was SquirrelMail, and I got on board as a host. This was one of my first experiences with a large PHP project.

Wii Console

Maps and games. Opera's Mobile Browser allowed the Wii to do some awesome stuff, considering it's AJAX and Adobe Flash support.


I hosted a cache for several large files that were useful and popular at the time.